Terra Tech Review

TerraTech is a vehicle combat, strategy, physics-based PC game by Payload Studios where the goal is to make the biggest and baddest machine possible by destroying other vehicles and taking their parts. Currently the game is in early access, so it has a long way to go before final launch. Hopefully the game will fix the complaints and keep the praises I have for it.

Let’s do this


The premise of the game is that you are a little cab that can attach other blocks onto itself to become a bigger car or plane. Once you have your basic car built, then you can go out into the world and destroy other cars and take their parts. Once you have enough parts, you can make your vehicle massive and destroy other vehicles more easily.

The graphics in the game take on a unique style, the worlds are randomly generated, but since the environments consist of basically desert and forest, they hardly feel any different from each other. The music is fun to listen to at first, but it can get repetitive after a few loops of the same track. The sounds in the game are underway, so hopefully they can add more variety in the future.


The gameplay is fun and becomes addicting not long after playing for a few minutes. being able to take other cars’ pieces and weapons and add them to your own feels satisfying or frustrating when the gun or piece you want is not there. Building a vehicle to take out others is fun in itself. The game allows you to find and fight different computer-generated vehicles in order to destroy their cab and add their arsenal to your own design. The enemies become progressively tougher as you do yourself.

There are shops spread about the environment where you can buy different parts. Money is achieved by collecting resources and depositing them into harvesters. Different resources are harvested from trees, crystals and so on.


While the gameplay is fun the first several hours, after playing for awhile, (fight, rebuild, repeat. Fight, rebuild, repeat) the gameplay can become repetitive. Repetitive nature of the gameplay can hurt the game’s replay value, however because of the randomly generated worlds and enemies, the game feels a little bit fresh with each playthrough.

The game also has challenge modes where the player can choose one of three modes: racing, flying, and sumo wrestling.

  • Racing involves building a car and passing through a series of checkpoints to the end where you can then build a car again. Racing is fun enough, except the game is not very clear on what each part does unless you gain that part in the main game.
  • Flying is similar to racing with checkpoints and building a plane instead of a car. However, the game is clearly focused on the cars aspect and less on the flying portion. In the main game, you can find a plane and learn how to use it, but in a physics-based game flying can be difficult.
  • Sumo wrestling (my personal favorite) involves building a war machine and having it clash with others to push them off the stage or destroy their cab. Sumo wrestling is probably the most user-friendly in that the player can adapt what works with each design and what does not.


The game does have some issues, such as frame rate drops and some freezes. Lesser computers should be wary of having the graphics on highest setting as frame rate can drop at points, such as during battles between two larger vehicles.

The game is currently available for early access purchase on Steam for $19.99, with an additional DLC for $9.99 and a “Delux Edition” which includes both the base game and the DLC.


The DLC adds a way for developers to send experimental blocks to test and new challenges as well as access to special forums to get in contact with the developers. While the challenges are unspecified, the cost for the DLC is questionable. it seems like the developers would have more feedback if they made these forums free and open to anyone who bought the game itself. It does not make sense for an early access game to have DLC in any case. Release the game, see if people like it, then make downloadable content for it.

Overall, TerraTech is not a bad game. It has an interesting concept for car combat and strategy. The gameplay itself is fun and can keep the player coming back for more. The performance and sound could use some work and the gameplay becomes a bit repetitive after awhile. The developers are still working on it, so the game is far from finished.



TerraTech earns a 6/10. It is a very good game that gets by on its cool concept and addicting gameplay. Unfortunately due to its also repetitive gameplay, performance issues and one-track music, it just misses the 7/10 spot. Since this game is in early access and being updated constantly, the verdict can change in the future. However at this time, the game stays with a 6/10.


Want to check out the game itself? Check out TerraTech’s website here

Have no idea what lag or DLC means? Find out here

Have a game you want me to review? Let me know in the comments!


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