What is Caleb Reviews?


Hi, I’m Caleb and I like to review games. I started this blog to review lesser known indie games that people may or may not have heard of. I can also review games that people want me to.

My process is to play the games for about 1 to 2 hours to have a bit of context about what the game is about and what first impressions will be. I will try to upload videos of these playthroughs if I can.

I judge the games based on these 4 factors:

  • Appearance
The forest.jpg
The Forest: An open world survival horror game that looks really good. Endnight Games Limited. Check out the game’s website here


With games, this is the first impression. Like going on a date, generally you want to like what you are committing with, but looks can be deceiving. Just because a game has good graphics, does not mean it is enjoyable. I judge sound in this category as well.

  • Gameplay
the ship 3
The Ship: A strategy survival game with some RPG elements that does not look the best, but it makes up for it in gameplay. Outerlight Limited. Check out the developer’s site here

On a date, you may not care about what the person looks like. Generally people care about the personality and how they act and treat you. Gameplay focuses on the fun-ness aspect of a game.

  • Performance
TerraTech: a car-combat strategy game. It could use some work on the performance side. Payload Studios. Check out their website here


A game has to be able to perform good, that is a given. This section reviews how the game runs on different settings. Also this judges a game on how frequent freezes/crashes/FPS drops there are.

  • Value
Star Wars Battlefront: A game that has little content for the pricetag. EA Games (you may have heard of it). Check out their website

Not all games are worth their given price tag. Thankfully, though, games’ prices drop over time. This section reviews whether a game should be bought at full price or deserves less.

At the end of the review there is a verdict. My scale ranges from one to ten, one being the worst game ever and ten being potential game of the year.

I’m just a guy that likes to review/play games. I’m not a professional, but I know 85% of what I’m talking about. I will try to be objective in each of the reviews (unless I don’t want to).

Thanks for sticking around! Let’s do this!

Have a game I should review? Let me know in the comments!

Have no idea what jargon I’m using? Learn here



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